Unearthing a serial killer

Unearthing a serial killer by D. Paul and K.F. McMurray is a thin book but make no mistake. It is filled with details that make this book stay in your mind forever. The book tells the story of murder victims Gary Stymiloski, Beverly Capone, Antonella Mattina, and given the wallet content of the killer, maybe […]

Laura Jean Ackerson (1984 – 2011)

Laura Jean Ackerson (1984 – 2011) was last seen alive on July 13, 2011. Her dismembered remains were discovered 11 days later in a creek about 60 miles south of Houston, Texas. She was 27 years old and had two young sons. Grant Ruffin Hayes and his wife, Amanda Perry Hayes, were each charged with first-degree […]

Dirty Old London by Lee Jackson

Dirty Old London by Lee Jackson brings to live the filthy Victorian age of raw sewage, cesspools, and rotting corpses. Jackson describes the battle between refuse collection for a profit and as a general matter of health. Each has its consequences for the economy (healthy workforce) so politics play a huge role in allocating money, […]

Damn his blood by Peter Moore

Damn his blood by Peter Moore tells us the story about the 1806 murder of Reverend George Parker that happened in Oddingley, UK. I happened upon this book while on vacation in London. We were in Waterstones, Islington, when I saw this book on the £0.99 cart. The woodcut and the different fonts on the […]

FBI Animal House by Pete Klismet

FBI Animal House by Pete Klismet, writing as PJ Kline, is an overview of the author’s time at the Academy. The book opens with what can only be described as your worst nightmare: you are on a case, you see movement, and by accident you shoot your own colleague. Pete uses this as an example […]