Jack Absolute

Jack Absolute by C.C. Humphreys

Jack Absolute by C.C. Humphreys was not a targeted purchase. I bought it on sale when Books-A-Million was still alive here. The cover art appealed to me. It may be difficult to see on the picture but the cover is a three-fold piece of art. The bottom is a map that portrays part of the […]

In Light of the Madness by Hemmie Martin

Book cover "in light of the madness" by Hemmie Martin

In Light of the Madness by Hemmie Martin starts slow but once the story unfolds, the author does not hold back. Every parent’s nightmare is to survive your own child. To see them die before your eyes. To see them in the morgue after an autopsy. To answer questions to which you frankly have no answer […]

Book Review: Deborah Cadbury’s “Lost King of France”

The Dauphin: Louis Charles of France

Book Review: Deborah Cadbury‘s “Lost King of France” combines my passion for historical mysteries, cold cases, and forensics. My interest was peaked after watching the movie “the Scarlet Pimpernel” with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour. I had read the book by Baroness Emmuska Orczy but found it tedious and much less amusing than the movie. My attraction […]

The Skeleton Crew by Deborah Halber

cover book skeleton crew

The Skeleton Crew by Deborah Halber gives you insight in all the armchair sleuthing and obstacles they face(d) trying to help others. These crews have one thing in common with the cops: the desire the serve and help others especially those who cannot speak anymore for themselves. Reading the book makes you aware how far […]

Powers Not Delegated by Rodney Page

book cover "powers not delegated"

Powers Not Delegated by Rodney Page is a book that will leave you with a headache of the good kind. This book describes every feeling of helplessness a citizen gets when big government tries to take over. It voices the frustration of Governors whose hands are more tied than ever. It shows you what happens when […]