Murder in Suburbia

Cover: Murder in Suburbia

Murder in Suburbia by Emily Webb is as the subtitle suggests really disturbing. We all feel safe in our neck of the woods. Webb shows us some cases from Australia’s dark heart. Be prepared to see your burb differently after you are done reading. Webb discusses 28 chilling cases. Two highlights here below: If only […]

The Mile Marker Murders by C.W. Saari

cover mile marker murders

The Mile Marker Murders by C.W. Saari is a book for those of us who like multiple plot layers with varying complexity. FBI Special Agent Tyler Bannister learns his friend and colleague Caleb Williamson is missing. Bannister has to collaborate with agents from Washington who need to know whether there is any chance Williamson defected […]

From a Dead Sleep by John A. Daly

book cover

From a Dead Sleep by John A. Daly is a fast reading suspense book that surprised me so much, I had to finish it in one sitting. Of course, I failed but this is truly one of my fastest reads ever. Sean Coleman is the prototype of man I could never befriend. No determination to […]

Mr. Heineken, Sir. It is over.

Gert van Beek

Mr. Heineken, Sir. It is over. That is how I translate the title of Gert van Beek‘s excellent book “Meneer Heineken, het is voorbij.” Much has been written about the Heineken & Doderer kidnapping. However, this is the first work written by a police officer. It shows the reader exactly how police found the kidnapped duo, […]

The Yard by Alex Grecian

Alex Grecian "the Yard" book cover

The Yard by Alex Grecian really shows you how book characters evolve. People pick up the courage to talk. New police officers who made tactical mistakes in the beginning get their act together and with team work finally solve the crime. A child perseveres despite torturous treatment and miraculously never loses trust in the general […]