AdS, Photography by Charlie Whitescarver

AdS, Photography by Charlie Whitescarver

I am a True Crime Blogger/writer/blog coach. Victims of unsolved homicides need to maintain their web presence if we want their cases to be found. Having new technologies will only matter if those involved can search for and find these old cold cases online. That is why I blog about them.

More than 130 cold cases are featured on this blog and that list is growing. All the cases are listed on the cases index tab in the gray top menu bar. The trial dates from some cases that I am watching are highlighted in a widget in the right margin.

Every month, my blog features a “Case of the Month” to highlight one victim’s story or one unsolved case. This series is not limited to any particular country. You can find the links in the green top menu bar. These posts are meant to renew media attention for the case and are not exhaustive case reviews. I add links in the post and sources at the end in case you wish to read more.

Aside from unsolved homicides, I also blog about missing persons, unidentified persons, forensics, wrongful convictions, and books related to the above mentioned subjects.

Instead of commenting here, I would like to ask you to share your thoughts on your own social media platforms. Many victims hardly have a web-presence. By discussing a cold case on your blog/SM-accounts with your networks, you enhance the victim’s digital footprint. If we all keep mentioning these victims than one day our updates will pop up in someone’s news feed. Someone who can help. And that is the goal.

Feel free to drop me a line by using the contact page, or find me on

Last, I have made a Facebook page for this blog to enhance the visibility of the cases. You know what to do on that page.



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