I am a freelance blogger/blog manager. DCC is the first blog I started. My second blog “Your Blog Coach” is here. I manages the blogs for Geoff Searle, Terri Ann Leidich, BQB Publishing, Peter Turner, and the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC).

More than 130 cold cases are featured on this blog and that list is growing. You can find them under cases index tab in the grey top menu bar. Trial dates from some cases I am watching are highlighted in the right margin.

Every month, I host #CrimeChat on Twitter. The schedule is in the right margin. #CrimeChat features cold cases, book reviews, forensics, and anything related to unsolved homicides. The 2014 schedule is updated often.

Every month, my blog also features a “Case of the Month” to highlight one victim’s story. You can find that in the green top menu bar too. These posts are meant to renew media attention for the case and are not exhaustive case reviews. Further information about those cases can be found in the included links.

Aside from unsolved homicides, I also blog about missing persons, unidentified persons, forensics, wrongful convictions, and books related to the above mentioned subjects.

I welcome comments but please take note of my policies. You can find those on the FAQ page. Feel free to drop me a line by using the contact page.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus and on the Blog Zone.



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