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A word of thanks to my readers Without you this would just be another blog with ramblings of …. well, me. But because you read it regularly, comment and brainstorm with me, you did more. You helped to give these old unsolved homicides renewed media attention. In doing so, you gave comfort to the victims’ […]

Help NCIS solve the cold cases of Erickson and Corriveau

Corriveau(L) and Erickson(R)

The NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) needs help solving the cold cases of Daniel Erickson and Robert Corriveau. Daniel Erickson (Minn) Daniel Erickson, then 20, was home on leave back in 1975. He was to celebrate his birthday and drive his car from St. Paul (Minn) to California to his new assignment aboard the USS Durham. […]

One of the oldest cold cases solved?

Maria Ridulph

One of the oldest cold cases in the USA has been solved … or, maybe not. What happened? On Dec 3, 1957, Maria Ridulph(7) vanished from a small-town street corner in Sycamore, IL,while playing in the snow. Ultimately arrested in July 2011 and sentenced in December 2012 for her murder is a man called Jack McCullough, formerly known […]

Gavin’s tips to improve your blogging and SEO results!

Now if that isn’t a title that makes you want to share this post, you clearly have not read it! The first #crimechat is definitely one to bookmark if you are a blogger. Why? Because in plain English, Gavin Ward explained a lot of SEO terms, Google rankings & terms, and gave plenty of examples. He […]