Recap #cclivechat September 28, 2012

Our guest today was the lovely Natasha Phillips from Researching Reform who gave us insight in the UK Family Law Courts. Natasha explained a lot of the rules and why so very often a child’s voice gets lost in the proceedings. The child may be represented by solicitors or guardians but courts have no duty […]

Supplementary statement by Chris Birt

Supplementary statement by Chris Birt regarding the alleged viewing by Bruce Roddick on 1 June 1972: This 1 June 1972 statement was produced, for the first time, at the crucial February 1973 First Referral to the Court of Appeal which granted, against all odds, Arthur Thomas his re-trial. The retrial was held in April 1973. […]

Chris Birt’s rebuttal

This post is Chris Birt’s rebuttal to the statement that investigative reporter Bryan Bruce released to the media. Bruce claimed Roddick made it clear that Mrs Norma Demler was not the woman that he saw at the Crewe Farm. Chris Birt explains in detail why he disagrees. __________________________ Media statement by Chris Birt, long-time Crewe […]

Recap #cclivechat September 21, 2012

Recap #cclivechat September 21, 2012. This #cclivechat was not planned since I expected to be tied up until later in the afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised to be dismissed early so I told you about some favourite true crime books. Books are an important part of my life. They have shaped some of my thoughts, they […]