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Recap #cclivechat June 29, 2012

Our guests today were Christa Miller and Tim Burrow who launched #copchat last Wednesday on Twitter. The first chat was a huge success so it is good to evaluate now that the rush is over. We discussed what #copchat can do to improve the communication between law enforcement and the public. Some chimed in to […]

Cold Case Investigations: practice and outcome

Via JustNet: “Researched and written by the RAND® Corporation with funding from the Office of Justice Programs’ National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Cold-Case Investigations, An Analysis of Current Practices and Factors Associated with Successful Outcomes, examines case and investigative attributes contributing to effective cold-case investigations.” Some results: “According to the report, cases were less likely […]

Guest post by Linda Poitevin: Blog Tours 101 (part II)

Guest post by Linda Poitevin: Blog Tours 101 (part II): Working with an organizer. The follow-up to Linda’s first guest post here on DCC! Linda Poitevin is the author of The Grigori Legacy, a new urban fantasy series from Ace Books. Book one is entitled SINS OF THE ANGELS and Book two is entitled SINS OF THE SON. In […]

Recap #cclivechat June 22, 2012

Our guest today was Charlie Fox. Charlie a.k.a. @defencegirl on Twitter blogs over at “the MOD stole my boyfriend.” We spoke about her life as an army partner and how blogging started as a release and therapeutic tool. Later it turned into amusement as well. The blog is full of useful information and is certainly recommended […]

Update trial re Elizabeth Heath

Update in the trial re Elizabeth Heath: John Heath will stand trial in his wife’s death. To follow the court case in Elizabeth Heath‘s trial you need these details: Court: Danbury GA 3 and JD The docket number: DBD -CR12-0143924-S Next Court Date: 7/12/2012 10:00 AM Dr. H. Wayne Carver, the chief state medical examiner, was in charge of […]