NZ Justice Minister Power turned down calls for independent inquiry in Crewe Murders


It was a long shot, I know. To think that a politician might actually do what is right instead of what is easy…well, that’s what dreams are made off and Vidocq was dreaming big in this case! But the news is in and now rudely awakened, we read in the New Zealand Herald that Justice Minister Simon […]

The 1953 Cold Case of Officer Burchfield

Officer R. Burchfield

Today is Black Friday and Vidocq is sitting in a local coffee shop watching people come in after hours of shopping. They all look exhausted and in need of espresso. I hear bits of conversations from the people around me. Mostly, I hear people exchanging tips to get the best out of Black Friday. “I […]

The End of Year One


As the minutes of Year One tick away, we must plan for Year Two. One thing is for sure: the blawg DCC will remain on the web! It may change theme, layout, or category order in the coming months but it is here to stay. Frankly, I cannot imagine my days without it anymore. For years, all […]

Vidocq presents…Joe Giacalone!


Meet Joseph L. Giacalone, a 19 year law enforcement Supervisor and Commanding Officer of a Cold Case Squad that has investigated hundreds of homicide and missing person cases throughout his career.  Joe has a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice with a Specialty in Crime and Deviance. He is also an Adjunct Professor at John Jay […]