A new trial for Lapointe

Richard Lapointe

Rick Green had an interview today with Richard Lapointe. On Monday, a Superior Court judge in Rockville — in response to a ruling in Lapointe’s favor from the state Appellate Court — will take yet another look at this endlessly appealed saga of what is either a wrongful conviction or a very crafty mentally disabled […]

McHenry Biggers

One of the strangest cases that I worked on is the unsolved homicide of Mr. McHenry Biggers. Nothing in the file makes sense. The people we spoke to did not make sense. What we found out did not make sense either. That is, what we were able to find. This is, alas, one of those […]

Update Trial Darrel Kastel

Mr. J. Schnoll

A pre-trial hearing has been set for next week for Darrell Lee Kastel, the second defendant in the 1979 slaying of supermarket supervisor Julius Schnoll. Kastel was scheduled to go to trial this Monday, but the prosecution gave additional discovery evidence to the defense attorney and the trial was adjourned. At a hearing today, Kastel was […]

Would you have allowed this man to bleed to death?


Would you have allowed this man to bleed to death? One of my last posts was about Florida changing its Hate Crime Laws to include the homeless in the categories of people deserving special protection. Many of you emailed and asked why to add another category, and, is the situation for homeless people that bad? In answer […]