US Sixth Amendment extended!


Immigrants have a constitutional right to be told by their lawyers whether pleading guilty to a crime could lead to their deportation, the Supreme Court said Wednesday. The high court’s ruling extends the Constitution’s Sixth Amendment guarantee of ”effective assistance of counsel” in criminal cases to immigration advice, especially in cases that involve deportation. ”The […]

San Francisco Crime Labs overworked…


A state audit released Tuesday reveals that the drug unit in San Francisco’s scandal-plagued crime lab was overworked and understaffed. The audit by the state Department of Justice and the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office said that lab staff was overwhelmed trying to meet 48-hour deadlines analyzing drug evidence so prosecutors can quickly charge suspects. […]

Zeigler, Part VI

Tommy's shirt, courtesy G. Hollenbeck

Zeigler, Part VI: On Preliminary Crime Scene Approach & Investigation Orange County Sheriff’s Office Detective Donald Frye was on duty in the Crime against Persons Section. After investigating the crime scene, he concluded that these four people did not die at the same time. With that, Vidocq agrees. According to Frye, Mays had been shot […]

FBI Secret Files…

FBI Building

The Special File Room…It is where the government has hidden the most secret information: plans to relocate Congress if Washington were attacked, dossiers on double agents, case files about high-profile mob figures and their politician friends, and a disturbing number of reports about the possible smuggling of atomic bombs into the United States. It is […]