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Bad Granny and Granddad Bandit strike again!

A man dubbed the “Granddad Bandit,” suspected in more than a dozen robberies, struck again this week, the FBI said Friday. The latest incident was Wednesday in Huntsville, Alabama, the FBI said in a release. It offered no further details. Authorities suspect the Granddad Bandit in 18 other robberies in a dozen states. The FBI […]

Explain this to me one more time…

stinky cookies

Explain this to me one more time… if you open a box of Lemon Chalet Cremes, a foul odor may dampen your cookie-eating experience. Little Brownie Bakers of Louisville, Kentucky, one of two bakeries in the United States that make Girl Scout cookies, posted a statement on its Web site Friday saying it had received several […]

Adding more to Grits’ Breakfast…


Adding more to Grits’ Breakfast… an interesting post on what role victims should play in plea bargains. When I read that I said to myself: none. The prosecution does not represent victims but the Constitutional State. Make no mistake about what I just said. I do not condone crime and acknowledge that victims’ rights were violated but as Grits […]

Australian Cold Case Unit turns up the heat!

In the two years since the NSW Police set up their Cold Case Justice Project under the experienced watch of forensic scientist Raymond, they have come up with evidence to charge murderers and rapists. Men who thought they had got away with it, some in jail for other crimes, others who who had got married […]