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Bad Granny and Granddad Bandit strike again!

A man dubbed the “Granddad Bandit,” suspected in more than a dozen robberies, struck again this week, the FBI said Friday. The latest incident was Wednesday in Huntsville, Alabama, the FBI said in a release. It offered no further details. Authorities suspect the Granddad Bandit in 18 other robberies in a dozen states. The FBI […]

Explain this to me one more time…

stinky cookies

Explain this to me one more time… if you open a box of Lemon Chalet Cremes, a foul odor may dampen your cookie-eating experience. Little Brownie Bakers of Louisville, Kentucky, one of two bakeries in the United States that make Girl Scout cookies, posted a statement on its Web site Friday saying it had received several […]

Adding more to Grits’ Breakfast…


Adding more to Grits’ Breakfast… an interesting post on what role victims should play in plea bargains. When I read that I said to myself: none. The prosecution does not represent victims but the Constitutional State. Make no mistake about what I just said. I do not condone crime and acknowledge that victims’ rights were violated but as Grits […]