State Crime Lab Struggles With Backlog

For nearly two years, the DNA samples connecting Ronald Brown to the rape of a teenage girl sat in the state police forensic laboratory while the convicted murderer roamed the streets of New Haven, CT, USA. Brown had been released from prison in November 2006 — but not before giving authorities a DNA sample that […]

No government bodies regulate forensic labs

There is a thought that make you wonder…if DNA plays such a huge role in criminal court, why is it that there is no federal oversight? “Take the series of questionable drug and alcohol tests that cropped up in North County criminal cases in recent months. Hundreds of toxicology tests done by a private lab, […]

DNA evidence jeopardized by faulty refrigerator

DNA evidence being stored by the Colorado Springs Police Department has been jeopardized by a faulty refrigerator, although police spokesman Lt. David Whitlock said experts don’t believe it will endanger any criminal cases. The refrigeration malfunction follows last month’s admission that the Colorado Springs police crime lab had erred on dozens of blood-alcohol tests in drunken […]

Identifying the Lost Soldiers of Fromelles


BBC Magazine has a good article on another use of DNA and that is, identifying the remains of World War I soldiers found in mass graves in France. “The remains of 250 British and Australian soldiers had lain undiscovered for 93 years since falling on the Western Front.Boots, purses, toothbrushes and other personal artifacts lay […]