Rightful Owner by Hemmie Martin

Book cover Rightful Owner by Hemmie Martin

Rightful Owner by Hemmie Martin is an interesting, fast read. A preview of the first chapter is available here for free. As you can read there, we are dealing with a closed club for a select few. They go through a routine to assume anonymity when they pick their pleasure partner for the evening. A club […]

A 19th Century Coffin revolutionized 20th Century Forensic Science

Strange Remains avatar from Dolly Stolze

A 19th Century Coffin revolutionized 20th Century Forensic Science is a guest blog post by Dolly Stolze. Dolly is a writer and has a Masters in Forensic Anthropology from California State University, Los Angeles. Though her first love is Forensic Anthropology, she also enjoys writing about macabre history and the weird things that happen to human remains. […]

Case of the Month: Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas' school photograph, courtesy of her family

Case of the Month: Lisa Thomas (August 19, 1959 – October 7, 1974) is one of the many cases that we need to look at again. We have new technology, new cold case investigative teams, and we have the Internet. It is through the Internet that I was made aware of this unsolved case. Mavis […]

Blood of the Rose by Kevin Murray

Book Cover Blood-of-the-Rose

One evening over an excellent dinner, my friend David Swinson and I were complaining about mistakes made in TV shows related to cops, crime, and corpses. Our families wholeheartedly agreed that we both spoil movies for them and gladly send us out of the room so they can watch in peace. With this background information […]

Update Albert Ray McQueen

Albert Ray McQueen's grave, courtesy of his family

Update Albert Ray McQueen was made possible after emails with his family. I quote: “Albert was missing for a year before his bones were found in 1980. Two siblings went up to the gorge and they are the ones who found his glasses and a piece of his vertebrae that the police missed. He was […]