Child abuse at Lake Alice

Child Abuse/Photo Art AdS

Child abuse at Lake Alice in New Zealand is one of the topics the Age reported about in 2008. “Disgraced former psychiatrist Selwyn Leeks” had lost his appeal against a former patient. Leeks had to pay $55’000 in damages for sexual assault. Leeks had been under investigation for using electric shock aversion therapy in the 70s […]

Wrongfully convicted Lapointe cannot be retried

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Wrongfully convicted Lapointe cannot be retried and was set free on International Wrongful Conviction Day! From the Hartford Courant: “A judge on Friday dismissed the notorious, quarter-century-old capital murder case against Richard Lapointe, a mentally impaired dishwasher who was released from prison when the state Supreme Court said he was wrongly convicted in the brutal death […]

International Wrongful Conviction Day

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International Wrongful Conviction Day on October 2 is an initiative from the Canadian Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted. They launched the initiative in 2014. The AIDWYC is “a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, advocating for, and exonerating individuals convicted of a crime that they did not commit and to preventing such injustices in the future […]

Case of the Month: Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson courtesy Carlson Family

Case of the Month: Mark Carlson 1957-1974. “We know that on October 20, 1974, Mark Carlson heads into Boise County to do some hunting and doesn’t return home that night,” according to Idaho State Police Captain Bill Gardiner. And that ‘s the gist of the case. Mark Carlson left to go hunting. A store clerk saw […]

National Murder Victims Remembrance Day

September 25: National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

National Murder Victims Remembrance Day takes place on September 25. We mourn for all. And they know it. Somehow from beyond the victims give us the motivation and determination to keep searching. We keep reading articles about their cases and we check the comments. Who said what? Why? How do others respond to that? We […]